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"Use the passions to build strong characters for the next generations."

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The project from Școala de Valori has one scope, to create a community of strong, responsible and ethic teenagers, through personal development workshops, coaching, camps and different international programs. This great idea is to help our next generations to become confident in their own capacities, to stand by themselves and to be able to express and develop their own talents, to work as teams regardless of their future career and personal lives.

So, I thought why not support this initiative in the best way I currently can, meaning through my passion for sports.

I started to do different kind of activities (running, cycling, swimming, skiing) in a more “serious” way just 4 years ago. And I discovered that, even without an important sporting background, I could overcome my limits. I saw that only we can set limits for ourselves and, at the same time, it depends only on us to go over them. And enjoy every minute of it ;).

Because, in my case, sports gave me fun times and personal fulfillment, I want to support our teenagers to obtain their own joys and accomplishments.

Therefore, I encourage you to encourage me with this initiative and contribute with a small donation, of your choice, for my participation to the Gerar Semimaraton competition in January 2018, where I’ll run the 10.8 km race for “Scoala de Valori”.



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Școala de Valori

Școala de Valori este o organizație non-guvernamentală modernă a cărei VIZIUNE este transformarea României într-o societate bazată pe valori puternice, modele și oameni de caracter. 

Principalul nostru ajutor este educația non formală, care este prezenta in toate interacțiunile cu tinerii din România.


Credem într-o societate mai bună şi sădim seminţele schimbării încă de pe acum, pentru a cultiva roadele unei lumi noi.

Susţinem tinerii talentaţi, pasionaţi de ceea ce fac, care din plăcere transformă realitatea ce îi înconjoară. Pentru ei am creat Excepţionalii, un proiect de educaţie non-formală care inspiră prin oameni-model şi pune bazele comunităţii liderilor de mâine.    

5 Donatii


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